Sunday, 22 February 2015

Peter Tatchell: Twilight Of The Vicious Narcissus

The center has shifted in the debate about abuses against trans people and sex workers has now become an argument about grave abuses against Peter Tatchell, largely between him and him. I had no intention of writing another word on this; but then I read Peter’s self-defence. It’s headlined “Peter Tatchell: Twitter mob who vowed to kill me over transgender letter have it all wrong.”

This was intriguing. The idea of fanatical trans people (or sex workers) vowing murder was new to me, and I wanted to find the evidence. So I spent a few hours searching on Twitter for Tweets containing Peter’s name plus any of a thesaurus of threats (“murder,” “kill,” “beat,” “stab,” etc.); I also searched for a variety of Anglo-Saxon terms of abuse.

Well: that “Twitter mob” was no mob. So far as I see, Peter got exactly one Tweet that contained threatening language; it’s the one he’s cited and retweeted everywhere...

Scott Long, A Paper Bird.

The general consensus is that Saint Peter has now finally and completely lost the fucking plot.

Mr Vain has become a joke and an embarrassment to the gay left, and, may Fagburn humbly suggest, it's probably best to retire forthwith.

People are bored and angry with you reducing gay politics to your wonderful self for over 20 years.

If you really care about a progressive gay movement, step aside. 

Irony overload! 

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