Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pink Pound: Meet Pink Paint

It was billed as homophobic vandalism but a queer group has now claimed credit for the defacing of a sequined ATM.

ANZ gave an Aukland ATM a glittering sequined makeover as a "GAYTM" but by Friday someone had smothered it in pink paint, which bank describing it "as pretty sad".

It was labelled a homophobic attack, coming just before the Auckland Pride Festival.

But in an anonymous online post, a group calling themselves "Queers Against Injustice" claimed credit for the "pink-washing".

They claim the bank had "co-opted" gay symbolism for commercial purposes, using them to obscure their business practices and treatment of workers.

"It is disheartening that the representation of our symbolic pinkwashing of the GAYTM has been manipulated into an act of hatred and complicity. This misrepresentation reinforces the image of tolerance that ANZ has spent a lot of money marketing to us."

Hahaha - excellent work.

Queers Against Injustice Political Statement Regarding 'Vandalism' Of GAYTM can be read here. 

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