Saturday, 21 February 2015

Steve Strange: 1959-2015

It seemed there was a law that all online tributes to Mr Strange must be accompanied by the video to Fade To Grey.

Stonking record though that was, it did paint him as no more than a one hit wonder (who once got caught shoplifting a Teletubby tee hee etc etc).

Me choose The Damned Don't Cry.

As Alexis Petridis writes - rather brilliantly - he was a genuinely pivotal figure in the British pop and club scenes - one of those beautiful freaks that popular culture so needs.

PS Fagburn interviewed Steve in 2002 when he published his memoirs*, and remembers him holding court at The Cock around the same time.

What a (cold) mess!  Sad.

* Avoid. Please read instead Dave Rimmer's New Romantics: The Look. It has lots of lovely photos, too.

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