Friday, 27 March 2015

Tim Cook: Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed he will follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in giving away his personal wealth before he dies.

Cook gave an interview to Fortune magazine and confirmed that - once he had provided for his 10-year-old nephew's education - he would donate his earnings to charity.

He also spoke about other social issues, particularly the importance of stopping HIV/Aids and supporting human rights and equality.

Cook, who publicly came out as gay towards the end of last year, did not specify which charities he would donate to.

He described his sexuality as a "yawner", and said he wouldn't have come out at all if he hadn't decided it would help others around the world.

“To be honest, if I would not have come to the conclusion that it would likely help other people, I would have never done it,” he said. “There’s no joy in me putting my life in view.”

Cook is believed to hold $120m worth of Apple shares and then a further $665m of restricted stock.

Hi Tim!

I've got about £4 to live on this week, so if you could put some cash my way that would be great, bro.

your biggest fan


PS Sorry about writing about the sweatshop stuff, tax evasion and Apple's obscene mark-up on all its products.

PPS I am willing to put out - photos available on request.

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