Monday, 9 March 2015

Chelsea Manning: The CIA's Torturers And The Leaders Who Approve Their Actions Must Be Called To Account

The most legal coercive interrogation techniques often used by conventional law enforcement are just as effective against terrorists as they have been in typical murder and kidnapping investigations. Torture then – at least in my experience, – has never been a part of the big picture of intelligence collection. It seems that smart and conventional methods are sufficient.

But regardless of whether these techniques were ineffective and counterproductive, the techniques outlined in the Senate torture report were far outside the boundaries of what is acceptable for the US intelligence community. Their supposed effectiveness is irrelevant to the fact that torture is wrong.

It is important to hold the officers, supervisors and, to a lesser extent, the politicians involved in creating and executing these programs, accountable. To let their horrific actions go unanswered would send an awful message to the world: it is wrong to torture and mistreat people, except when those doing it have the supposed blessing of the law and with the permission of high-ranking supervisors and politicians....

Chelsea Manning, Guardian Comment Is Free.

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