Thursday, 19 March 2015

Elton John: At Last! A Story That's Not About Dolce & Gabbana!

The Elton John tribute act who sang for the singer's mum at her 90th birthday party has spoken for the first time, saying: “It was his gain.”

Paul Bacon, otherwise know as “Ultimate Elton”, said that Sheila Farebrother went to see him in concert after being sent a video of him performing.

Paul, who charges up to £2,200 to perform at parties, said: “She had such a good time that she said: ‘I’ve got to have you guys at my party because the other chap, the other Elton isn’t available’ so we got the gig.”

Sheila and her son - real name Reginald Dwight - haven’t spoken for seven years after she allegedly upset the singer’s hubby David Furnish.

She since claims she has been “cut off completely” by the star. Things have become so strained between the pair that the 64-year-old musician - worth £240m - allegedly stayed away from his 88-year-old stepdad Fred’s funeral in 2010.


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