Monday, 16 March 2015

Eltongate: It's War! Angry Celebrities Say NO!

Mail Online.
Call me a crazed wizened anarchist, but I do not give a flying fuck what other people do when it doesn't affect me.

And as a crazed wizened anarchist, I don't get that agitated about people expressing silly antedeluvian obnoxious unorthodox views.

Do what thou wilt.



  1. I was pretty meh about this at first but after reading Gabbana's comments today twisting what John said to save his brand I am definitely in John's court.

  2. At least it's given lots of boring gay couples the excuse to post endless pictures of themselves with their stupid kids on twitter. Again!!!

  3. *Are* the children stupid? Do you have access to the results of tests carried out? How did you manage that?

    1. "Do you have access to the results of tests carried out?"

      I do.

      "How did you manage that?"

      Sorry, but I must protect my sources.

    2. Is their stupidity the result of their having two parents of the same sex? Do the results show that?

    3. There does appear to be a correlation, yes. :(