Monday, 30 March 2015

Enoch Powell's Satanic Sex Ring: 'Although There Is No Evidence...'

The Church of England has told Scotland Yard that William Whitelaw, the former home secretary, and Enoch Powell were accused of being members of a political satanic abuse ring.

The allegations of the politicians’ involvement in child abuse emerged during counselling by a vicar of a youth in the 1980s. Leo Abse, a long-serving Labour MP, was also named.

Although there was no evidence to support the claims, the church authorities felt compelled to send the information to Scotland Yard’s investigation into alleged establishment involvement in child abuse.

Dominic Walker, who retired as Bishop of Monmouth in 2013, said he heard the allegations during the counselling sessions while serving as a vicar in Brighton.

Last year he passed on the information to the Bishop of Durham, the Right Rev Paul Butler, who is responsible for “safeguarding” in the Church of England. The bishop ordered that church authorities send the information to Scotland Yard. It is understood that there was no corroborating material from the church.

A Church of England spokesman said last night: “When allegations are made against individuals, it is quite proper to pass those allegations to the police and statutory authorities, without any investigation on our part and regardless of our own views.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We do not identify individuals that are subject of investigation.”

The most ridiculous one yet?

PS The Myth Of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Update: Let's Expose The Satanic Abuse Con ArtistsEnoch Powell is the latest - conveniently dead - politician to be accused of awful crimes. This nonsense has to stop David Aaronovitch, The Times.

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  1. "We do not identify individuals that are the subject of investigation. Apart from when we do, obviously."