Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gay Marriage: Jailbird Lovebirds

Let's have a look and see all the happy greetings from Mail Online readers, eh?


  1. Have you read the piece on Queerty?
    The writer seems to not know who Peter Tatchell is:

    Others think it is a positive thing.

    “Marriage is a human right for same-sex couples and even for people whose lives we may find reprehensible,” Peter Tatchell, an ambassador for a U.K. penal reform association, told BuzzFeed News, adding that while Gallatinov and Goodwin “committed horrific murders,” the “aim of prison is to also reform and rehabilitate offenders. … Being in love and married might help stabilize these men; giving them a focus away from a life of crime.”


  2. PS - Queerty have done something in the last week or so which has resulted in a MASSIVE influx of new commenters on their site, all coming from facebook seemingly. If the comments induced despair before then they're a million times worse now. Horrific.