Friday, 27 March 2015

Get Hard: Go Home

After much boo hoo squish squish *sadface* the Guardian piece concludes with these non-hysterical words...

However Dr Andrew Moor, who specialises in the relationship between Hollywood and homosexuality, was unconvinced Get Hard offered any lasting damage. “Sure, it peddles lazy clich├ęs about homosexuality and has tired old stereotypes, and yes that can be offensive,” he said. “LGBT culture has campaigned against toxic representation for so so long now, and it’s still important....I’m not sure a piece of throwaway pop like this is worthy of any big campaign though.”

PS See also Why is Hollywood suffering another gay panic attack?

It's not really, it's just some lame jokes about dicks and bumming in prison (he says not having seen it). 

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  1. I pity homophobic straight men, who will never experience the pleasure of objects in the bum, be that a penis, sex toy or girlfriend's fingers. Narrow mindedness has consequences.