Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ivan Massow: Choices, Choices

Ivan Massow, who wants to be the next mayor of London, tells Total Politics that his political allegiance was set by the way he was treated as a young gay man. “Labour were the people who beat you up on the streets after they tipped out the pub drunk,” he said. Tories, by contrast, were “likely to offer you money for sex after they’ve had too many gin and tonics”. Lecherous pests or violent thugs: choices, choices...

Wot a twot.


  1. He's record-breakingly thick, isn't he? He's running for mayor of London and he basically says working class people are all thuggish homophobes and upper class people are thoroughly decent chaps. It seems he became a Tory because he was a snob from the off.

  2. To be fair though, he wouldn't have got where he is today. i.e. posing naked with a parrot on his shoulder. ??

  3. Or does he like a cockatoo? Thought I'd get in first.