Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Noam Chomsky: Falling In Love Again

The 86-year-old progressive thinker is celebrating his first anniversary with his second wife, Valeria Wasserman Chomsky. “We shouldn’t overlook the fact that the world has some wonderful things in it, too,” the renowned activist and linguist told “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman after a long conversation about things that “range from unpleasant to horrific.”

Listen to Chomsky talk and Goodman talk about love with an outburst of giddy optimism that will have you smiling all day long.



The apparent highlight of last week's Democracy Now! interview - he also talked about Black Lives Matter, Greece, Israel, ISIS, Snowden, Venezuela, Ukraine and shit like that.

PS Don't want to sound cynical, made-up for my Uncle Noam.

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