Thursday, 12 March 2015

Peter Tatchell: Hey Nostradamus!

Lesbian and gay identity is largely the product of anti-gay repression. It is a self-defence mechanism against homophobia. Faced with persecution for having same-sex relations, the right to have those relationships had to be defended - hence the emergence of gay identity and the gay rights movement.

But if one sexuality is not privileged over another, defining oneself as gay - or straight - will cease to be necessary and have little social relevance or significance. In other words: the need to maintain sexuality differences, boundaries and identities disappears with the demise of straight supremacism and homophobia.

Homosexuality as a separate, exclusive sexual orientation and identity will begin to fade - and so will its mirror opposite heterosexuality - as we evolve into a sexually enlightened and accepting post-homophobic society. The vast majority of people will be open to the possibility of both opposite-sex and same-sex desires. They won't feel the need to label themselves or others as gay or straight because, in a non-homophobic culture, no one will care who we love or we sleep with. Hurrah!

Utter drivel, and just embarrassing - this reads like something from a school magazine

But interesting to see Saint Peter has now added the ability to predict the future to his infinite talents.

And good to see he has found someone willing to publish his increasingly bizarre  quarter-baked thoughts.

But hasn't he published this particular article, not once, but twice before?

Keep your silly collective gay deathwish to yourself, Pete.

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