Monday, 9 March 2015

Sam Smith: Bullied

FOUR-time Grammy Award-winner Sam Smith tells today how he was verbally and physically abused by homophobes — and is now vowing to stand up for gay kids.

Sam came out at school aged 11 and was accepted by his loving family and supportive group of friends.

But he vividly remembers the darker side of growing up gay.

He was bullied, branded a “faggot” and punched by a stranger in the street.

And Sam warns that despite increased tolerance homophobia is still a major problem.

He says: “This is what angers me — especially in the UK, we think that everything is OK now. Not just in terms of homophobia, but racism too.

“But it’s so far from OK. There’s such a long way to go.”

At just 22, the Stay With Me star is one of the world’s most high-profile gay role models, proudly singing about his relationships with other men.

But he has waited until now — after four Grammys and two Brits — to speak publicly about growing up gay.

Sam — who we can also reveal will sing this year’s Comic Relief single with John Legend — explains: “At the beginning of last year I wasn’t talking about my sexuality as much. But I’ve sold loads of records now and I have a voice.

“I can speak about this from a position of power, compared to two years ago where it would have been p***ing in the wind. It wouldn’t have gone anywhere.” ...

An exclusive by Bizarre editor Dan Wooton - who appeared to enjoy bullying Joe McElderry when he was in the closet.

Sam Smith and John Legend perform this year's Comic Relief single, Lay Me Down, money raised will go to Metro, who offer support to young gay people. 

Or you could just give them some money.

Sorry, can't be arsed to link to the 'whacky' video.


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