Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Sun: Fantasy Island

DAVID Walliams’ marriage split was fuelled by his wife hating his TV cross-dressing, pals said yesterday.

His camp public persona — including flirting with Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent — also left model Lara Stone, 31, miffed.

A friend told The Sun after we yesterday revealed the Dutch beauty had quit the marital home: “She didn’t really understand the humour of it.

“There were obviously lots of issues within their relationship.

“But it had become clear Lara didn’t like the constant talk about David being camp.

“She got tired of it being referenced all the time, especially when David seemed to play up to it in various photoshoots or TV sketches — or by flirting with Simon Cowell...

This is credited to unreliable, grinning gay fool Dan Wooton in The Sun - and from an anonymous source (ie one of his underlings probably made it up).

You can get away with nonsense like this as it's not worth suing over.


  1. Wooton is awful. He camps it up on TV and is very irritating. Surely he's a Mary?

  2. Sortcha links aht!!!!!!

    1. Can't be arsed. Google it.

    2. The links on Gay Star News are impeccable.
      They can be arsed.