Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tweet Of The Day: Peter Tatchell

You're so vain etc etc...

Be interesting to learn where this 'outsider' gets his money from.

MI6 and gay tories?

PS For top Tweeter comedy follow @defendingpetert - tellingly written by a mad Islamophobe who karnt spel. I wonder how Pete feels about this endorsement?

Update: See page 55 of the new Attitude to find out which LBT person Nigel Farage mosts admires!


  1. It's like his personality was removed and 100% pure unadulterated ego was put in its place.

  2. MI6?

    Would not surprise me at all.

  3. There's some Japanese saying about standing in front of your own portrait causing misconceptions. I'll have to dig it out and send it to him.

    I've often thought that Tatchell would be better and more entertaining if he didn't take it all so seriously. A sort of Kenneth Williams type activist.