Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Born That Way: Julie's Choice

None of the science dedicated to finding a gay gene holds water, so why not make a positive choice to reject heterosexuality and decide to switch sides? Julie Bindel explains why she believes she chose her sexuality, rather than it having chosen her. But, she asks, have we returned to the essentialist notion that we are either 'born that way' or that we are unthinkingly heterosexual?

The Guardian.

Can't be arsed to watch this - cos Bindel.

The thing is nobody has a clue why people are gay.

Perhaps human understanding will never reach a point where we know.

It's most likely a combination of nature and nurture.

How odd that noted binary-phobe Bindel thinks it's a straight choice between being 'born that way' or 'choosing it'.

Maybe it's just something that happens to us?

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