Friday, 24 April 2015

British LGBT Awards: Live From The Rainbow Coloured Bowels Of Hell!

Katie Hopkins arrived - then it proceeded to get even shitter.

Unsurprisingly none of the above turned up.

Though Fagburn understands Christopher Biggins was in da house!

Check the rapturous response to the totally legit* D-list shitfest that is the British LGBT Awards on Twitter.

These used to be the European/National Diversity Awards. The organisers are trying to get media to say it's 'the gay Oscars'. Only the clueless Katie Hopkins has fallen for this.

The first sponsor listed is the Royal Air Force - who could help carry out Katie's dream of shooting migrants in the Med.

* 'The independent judging panel will select the winners of the corporate categories, based on their shortlist submission.' 

Update: Hilarious Mail photos of some of the non-celebs at the awards ceremony last night.

Update2: Organisers Square Peg Media denied Hopkins was an invited guest - but she was! [Via Pink News].

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