Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bruce Jenner: The Interview!

This is getting loads of coverage everywhere.

So brave etc etc.

Fagburn wishes him every happiness, of course,* as he does to anyone who's not a former Olympic athlete and current star of a bafflingly popular US reality TV series about rich people.

PS Bruce was in the Village People's magnificent movie, Can't Stop The Music, so will always be in the Fagburn Book Of Super Cool.

* Edited: Jenner says he wants to be referred to by male pronouns until he announces his new name.

PS The other story that's everywhere right now is the straight dude who asked his gay best friend to be his prom date. All media, but of course, think this is 'adorable'.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if the story would get quite so much traction if it was a gay kid who asked his fugly straight friend to the prom coz he wasn't likely to bag any chicks? Would the straight dude be expected to be as grateful as everyone is expecting the gay dude to be in this scenario?
    Also, Bruce said he wasn't a gay... but he's a chick who digs chicks??? Erm...

    Still, why ask questions? Let's all just join in with the endless narcissistic emotional masturbatiathon fing...