Thursday, 9 April 2015

Church News: Kiss Me, Judas

A Catholic priest has been fired - for organising gay orgies in which men were asked to re-enact the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot.

The clergyman, who served in a religious order in Taranto, Italy, was dismissed this week after evidence came to light of his activities – which included sex with gay prostitutes and Christ-based role play.

His seedy behaviour emerged when the man who played the part of Judas betrayed him to church authorities.

Newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno reported how a 32-year-old man, from Rovigo, blew the whistle.

He told the paper: "I needed spiritual help… He (the priest) told me my pictures made him excited and asked me to send him an intimate photo.

"He told me that he liked guys, especially young ones, and that he could do everything for them, also help them to buy clothes, mobile phones and recharge costs."

The Diocese confirmed the priest had been relieved of his duties.

I bet the recharge costs thing was the deal breaker.

Why oh why do I never get invited to parties like this?

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