Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Election 2015: Are You Talking To Me?

General elections demand that party leaders reach out to the people. Baby-kissing walkabouts in town centres must be endured, but they just don’t stack up the numbers of voters needed to win an election.

Leaders are therefore required to make themselves available to media outlets that, in normal times, they seek to avoid. These modern equivalents of the hustings are considered by politicians to be important, partly to explain their policies but mostly to maintain as high a public profile as possible.

As long as they avoid gaffes in their TV, radio and newspaper interviews, the content is altogether less important than the fact they are seen to be there. Blandness is considered a virtue where the personal counts more than the political.

So which of the media teams has created the best schedule and what do they say about their campaign strategies? The Guardian has compiled a list of all the interviews the three main leaders have given since the campaign began on 30 March...

*blah blah blah* ...

Note that all three leaders did interviews with Attitude, the gay lifestyle magazine. The message was patently obvious: vote for us because we are inclusive LBGT-friendly guys...

Roy Greenslade, Media Guardian.

Well, there you billy well go!!!

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