Sunday, 19 April 2015

Gay Nazi Watch: Lest We Forget

The Mail - no friends of Nazism or historical revisionism they - sent some undercover reporters to a top secret meeting of holocaust deniers in London this week.

They didn't make much of this, but you'll never guess who they spotted there.

Only Martin Webster, national organiser of the National Front - and some say de facto leader of - during their glory days in the 70s!

He got jackbooted out of the party in 1983 for being a poof (like no-one knew!) - and later claimed to have been the bumlover of a teenage Nick Griffin.

Can't link to much bar Webster's Wikipedia page, as it looks like Mr W has had a load of stuff about him removed under that Google Right To Be Forgotten thing.

Funny that.

PS Lest we forget too...

'Parading hateful Blackshirt insignia...'

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