Saturday, 25 April 2015

Gay Dad Watch: Neighbourhood Watch

There’s something about Thornbury Road that really sucks you in,” Sophie Broadbent tells me, smiling. Her partner, Jamie Lancaster, nods in agreement, “I don’t think we realised how interesting it was until we started meeting our neighbours,” he adds. Two years ago, toddlers in tow, the couple embarked on a project to photograph as many of their neighbours as possible. The result is the Thornbury Road portraits: 30 intimate, joyful portraits of local residents...

Each portrait took a couple of hours for Jamie – a photographer since school and a professional director – to set up. And it was not always easy. Trying to cram lights, camera equipment and himself into a small bathroom to photograph Seany O’Kane, a former Big Brother contestant, and his five-year-old son Kuziva-Aodhán, was a challenge. Seany, from Northern Ireland, works for a London charity that supports young fathers, and is gay. He co-parents Kuziva with his son’s two mothers, a couple who live in Manchester...

Not much to comment on in today's papers, so here's the weekend Guardian's obligatory gay dad

This being Brixton, Seany is far from being the only gayer on his street - this is Clemens, 'a flamboyant web designer originally from Germany'.

“We knew he would enjoy it because he loves dressing up,” Sophie says. “At Halloween he is always in thigh-high leather boots and a corset.”

No info on these two, but they look the sort who never miss an opportunity to loudly refer to 'my husband'...

By coincidence it's Reclaim Brixton today.

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