Friday, 3 April 2015

James Franco: Definitely Maybe

There are many things in life today that can bring a Proustian whiff of the 1990s flooding back to one’s cultural nostrils. The Groucho Club. A Gallagher brother arguing ferociously about an immutable truth with an inanimate object. Cargo pants for girls. But nothing brings the decade back in such a heady rush as a man playing at being gay because it makes him look cool. Which brings us to the actor James Franco, who has had various long-term girlfriends, but who has now revealed that he is actually “gay until the point of intercourse”. One cannot help but be reminded of Brett Anderson, frontman of Suede, who once said he was “a bisexual who had never had a homosexual experience”. To be fair to Brett, we all said some dickish things 20 years ago, but Franco has really taken that posturing gauntlet and run with it...
The Guardian.

Refers to an article, The Straight James Franco Talks To The Gay James Franco, in 429, a poncey online magazine for gay professionals (Barf).

An amusing conceit or a load of pretentious art wank?

I'll let you, the public, decide.

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