Monday, 6 April 2015

Nigel Farage: Out Demon Out!

The privately educated, City-trading, four-times-an-MEP, expenses-addicted, pin-striped-suit-wearing Nigel Farage thrives on presenting himself as the doughty outsider, fighting for common sense against an out-of-touch elite. He also knows that controversy produces publicity and Ukip desperately needs that to slow that opinion poll slide - not least in South Thanet, which is Mr Farage’s increasingly uphill route to becoming an MP.

Much of Britain might have been appalled at Mr Farage’s scapegoating rhetoric, but a whopping 96 per cent of Ukip voters told YouGov that Mr Farage was right to raise the issue of immigrants suffering from HIV using the NHS. Nearly two thirds of Tory voters also thought he was justified.

Because Nigel Farage takes so many more votes from the Conservatives than Labour he is doing most harm to David Cameron, but his strategy is also harming the greater cause that Ukip was set up to win. Support for staying in the EU is rising steadily. This is mainly because the worst of the eurozone crisis has, hopefully, passed but Ukip’s toxicity with a clear majority of voters isn’t helping.

“Out” will only win if younger voters can be persuaded that there is wisdom in unshackling Britain from the protectionist, declining and bureaucratic European model. But when the leading Outers in the country are perceived as anti-gay, anti-immigrant and pro-Putin
[sic], the ultimate winner of the Ukip phenomenon could well be Brussels.

What a colossal cunt this cunting cunt is.

PS Ukip muzzles foot-in-mouth candidates by ordering them to avoid discussing RSPCA and moral issues Mirror. Good luck with that...

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