Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Peter Tatchell: If I Were Prime Minister

If I were Prime Minister, I’d dump austerity and cut the deficit, without damaging public services, by five simple measures.

First, I'd axe Trident, which would save £100 billion. Then I'd close corporate tax avoidance loopholes (raising £20+ billion pa) and end pension tax relief on people earning more than £100,000 (raising £20+ billion pa). I’d also introduce a financial transaction tax of 0.05% on currency, share, bond and commodity transactions (raising £50+ billion pa) and a one-off average 20% wealth tax on the assets of the richest 5%, with the least rich of the rich paying 2% and the most rich 25% (raising £400 billion).

Total: £600 billion raised! ...

The Independent.

Great stuff, Peter - more of this sort of thing. x

PS And here he is on London Live today, My Manifesto For London. Hmmm...

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