Monday, 20 April 2015

Prison Dating: Alright Mate, What You In For, Sorry, To?

Bosses at Prison Dating are claiming “unprecedented success” with “the biggest dating site” for UK inmates.

It comes after lags were found last year to be flouting the ban and uploading snaps of drugs and weapons on social media sites.

The homepage blurb reads: “See for yourself just how easy it is to meet single prisoners in the UK.”

But lawyer John Spyrou said: “Prisoners don’t even have access to the internet.”

And a Ministry of Justice source said: “There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that prisoners have accessed this website.”

This story (that isn't) is surreal even by the Daily Star's standards.

Good to see they've started pointing out when their own stories are bollocks, though.

Hang on though, can't 'lags' get online with their smuggled-in smart phones?

Imagine having Grindr in prison - Wa-hey!

Prison Dating is open for men seeking men, btw.

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