Saturday, 4 April 2015

Straight Ally Of The Day: Dave Grohl

FOO FIGHTERS star DAVE GROHL has spoken out to back gay rights.

The rocker told me: “When I was young, growing up in Springfield, Virginia, I was the only rocker in a 25-mile radius. So I felt different my entire life.

“I’ve always felt a connection and compassion to people who felt like they weren’t accepted in general.

“I’m not a religious person, but I honestly believe everyone should have the same rights.

“I believe in progress too – I don’t believe we should live in the Fifties.”

Err, and that's it!

Fagburn thinks this was meant to be a comment about the Indiana hoo-ha, but it's been subbed to buggery so it's impossible to tell.

Anyway, good for Dave!

So brave etc etc...

Have to say it seems pretty unlikely that Grohl was the only rocker in a mid-West town in the 80s. Must have been full of Beavis & Buttheads.

PS Regular viewers may know that Fagburn hates the term 'straight ally', and is using it but to mock vacuous gay media bell-endery.

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