Monday, 20 April 2015

The Hot Maths Teacher Guy: Reveals All

Is he the hottest maths teacher in Britain? Yes, The Times.

Last line; 'The bad news is, he has a girlfriend. Sorry.'

PS Times' readers are FEWMIN!

If this article was written about a female lecturer it would belong in some lads mag.

Has this turned into a magazine for teenage girls? Clicked on this expecting some depth beneath the headline. Nope. I think Poldark has done something to the women of Britain.

This is an extraordinarily sexist article. Is The Times intentionally dumbing down like the Daily Mail?

etc etc...

PS The Mail have upgraded Pietro to 'the world's hottest maths teacher'. Fagburn wonders about the wisdom of this, when the Mail demonise all teacher-pupil relationships. 

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