Saturday, 11 April 2015

David Starkey: Victims

“All forms of liberation – and I speak as gay and I was in all this when it wasn’t fashionable, when you didn’t get your CBE for being a prominent poofter, when there were actual penalties for doing it – all of them depend upon you taking control. About you refusing to be victim. And I find it very, very sad the way there is now this perpetual procession of people – group after group – wanting to assume the status of victim. It’s catastrophic.”

From an interview in the Telegraph.

Yes, some people do wallow in victimhood, but the doctor - tellingly - gives Doreen Lawrence as an example, which is so scummy.

Dr David also denies he's a racist and sexist - and then proceeds to say some unfeasibly racist and sexist things. 

He'll be voting Tory, by the way.

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  1. Isn't it sinister, the way people who are victims are being encouraged to declare, "I'm not a victim"? Just the sort of mind-set that ties in so nicely with Tory ideas that we aren't dependent on others, either for good or for ill.