Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tom Daley: Against Empire

Our Tom is in Russia right now.

Here he is pictured in the Kremlin with Chris Mears and the other one (Jack?).

This is a clear two-fingers to Nato and American empire, and all the right-wing gayers (and anti-gayers!) who've called for a boycott of Russia.

Well done Tom.

PS And here she is outside St Basil's cathedral (clearly mocking the dimwitted Tilda Swinton).

Hey, Dustin's not with you, Tom, I see. Hmm...

Tom returns to the Motherland in July to compete in the FINA World Championships in Kazan. *

Good luck, babes! x

* But can he be??? Fagburn seems to remember reading last year Tom was boycotting Russia cos anti-gay fascism.

Update: Tom, Russia, Gays and Stupidity, a great piece by Eruestan Brethil.


  1. Tom fighting for the world!

    1. I am seeing a new voice for international co-operation! Emerging from the water!

  2. Dustin wasn't allowed in because the oppressive Russians feared that he and Tom would violate the law by canoodling in Red Square and turning Russia gay.