Friday, 10 April 2015

Guardian Live: Non-transgender Voices

Transgender voices and faces are finally moving from the margins to the mainstream. Tired of talking about the pain and difficulty of being transgender, focusing on physical transition or feelings about being in the ‘wrong body’ tonight is a chance to bring the conversation forward.

More satisfied and successful transgender figures have been appearing in the media, from Laverne Cox, to Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace to Lib Dem councillor Sarah Brown. This evening’s discussion will be dedicated to exploring the many paths to self and social acceptance, what work still needs to be done and the ways in which life for trans people can be made better.

Hosted by the formidable Paris Lees, the panel includes Dr Kate Stone, research engineer and scientist, Peter Tatchell veteran LGBT campaigner, Owen Jones, Guardian columnist and transgender supporter and Fred McConnell Guardian video journalist and trans columnist.

Presumably they got two cis gay men on the panel cause they couldn't find any 'transgender figures' -The Guardian at its patronising best.

The saintly Owen makes much of his refusal to be on a male-only panel, so why is he happy to take the place of a trans person here?

The irony here is unbelievable.

And just £15!

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  1. Owen spoke on a panel of six: two trans women, one trans man and two cisgender men. He spoke to my condition as a trans person, took my question seriously and came over to speak to me afterwards.

    His solidarity with me makes me feel less lonely and helpless. Peter Tatchell's bloody-minded support for LGBT rights similarly makes me feel stronger. What's not to like?