Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Turing's Law: Vote For Nothing

A posthumous pardon given to Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing will be extended to thousands of Britons if the Tories win office.

The national hero who helped Britain win the Second World Ward but committed suicide after being convicted of gross indecency had his sentence scrapped by Royal Pardon in 2013

The Conservatives have now pledged to introduce a new law helping to “lift the blight of outdated convictions” from other people found guilty of similar offences.

“Thousands of British men still suffer from similar historic charges, even though they would be completely innocent of any crime today,” the Tory manifesto read.

“Many others are dead and cannot correct this injustice themselves through the legal process we have introduced while in government. So we will introduce a new law that will pardon those people, and right these wrong.”

It comes a month after Labour announced it would introduce a ‘Turing’s Law’ to allow the family and friends of deceased men punished for consensual relationships to have the convictions disregarded...

Oh whoopdefuckingdoo!

Thank you for this meaningless gesture, guv.

Labour's manifesto has some more of them.

The Tories have also promised to scrap the Human Rights Act.

PS Hats off to the Telegraph who manage to run this without using their dread word 'gay'.

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