Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ukip: Steamy Windows

X-rated gay sauna, Lebanese eatery and Polish shop neighbour Ukip's Luton office

UKIP has set up an election base next to an X-rated gay sauna.

But last night Ukip said it had no problem with its strange bedfellows – and it was customers at the sauna who were getting red in the face. The party’s office in Luton, Beds, was opened earlier this month by MEP Stuart Agnew.

But just hours earlier the Greenhouse Sauna next door had held its “Dirty Friday” night.

The dress code was “rubber, leather, Lycra and jocks” – with a strict “no towels allowed” policy.

The venue, which boasts a hot tub, steam room and private rest rooms, also holds a “Jocks ’n C**ks” night three times a month.

One door along from the sauna sits a large Polish supermarket.

The location of the campaign office is a shock given Ukip’s checkered relationship with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

They also maintain a hard line on immigration.

The sauna’s patrons have expressed their surprise.

One said: “I was stunned when the boards went up. Never in a million years did we think we’d have a Ukip office move in next door to us.”

Another said: “It’s ironic given what some of the party’s members have said about homosexuality.”

The sauna gained its unlikely neighbours after parliamentary candidates Yasin Rehman and Allan White pooled their funds for a campaign office.

Local Ukip election agent Bob Clements said: “(The sauna) has got nothing to do with us, we are not bothered. We were looking around and this was a property that came up on the market at the right price.

“We have also got a Polish store and a Lebanese restaurant next to us. We are not bothered who is near us.” ...

Can you spot the two made-up quotes?

PS Pop into the Greenhouse next time you're in Luton - it's Jocks N Cocks this Friday!

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