Friday, 29 May 2015

Ben Harris-Quinney: Creepy Nobody Speaks Out

Ben Harris-Quinney, a voice of the young, hard right of the Conservatives, has been recorded in Russia sounding off about gay people. He is heard accusing what he calls the “LGBT lobby” of wanting children as young as seven to be given sex lessons that include the “promotion of a homosexual lifestyle”.

He continues: “I am pleased to say that from a climate of fear that had been created by the LGBT lobby, as a necessity of support for same-sex marriage, we successfully ensured that a majority of Conservative MPs did not vote for same-sex marriage, and the Conservative Prime Minister was forced to endure the indignity of passing same-sex marriage only with the support of opposition parties.”

Harris-Quinney is a councillor and chairs the Bow Group, which has an illustrious history as one of the oldest Conservative think-tanks. It is linked with Conservative luminaries such as Lord Howe and the former Deputy PM, Michael Heseltine. But when Lord Heseltine was asked about Harris-Quinney on the BBC’s Daily Politics this month, he dismissed him as a “nobody”.

Pink News, which obtained the recording, ran a commentary on it describing Harris-Quinney as a “vile homophobe”. He says: “The Pink News article is both false and defamatory, and I am deeply offended by the allegations.” However, the words he can be heard saying are clear.

A complaint has been made to the Conservative Party’s disciplinary committee. “These sort of homophobic views have no place in the Conservative Party,” a source said.

Can't quite see why he should be sacked or suspended, he hasn't done anything illegal, just expressed views that many Conservative party members and politicians share - albeit less vocally.

Can't help suspecting he may have some other 'controversial views' the Tories want to distance themselves from.

PS Have to say here what I know you're all thinking, but Mr BHQ looks like one of those chaps who hangs around The Hoist, don't he?

Legal disclaimer: I is not suggesting he is secretly into scat and piss. Nope.

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