Friday, 29 May 2015

Big Brother: Bum Rush The Show!

A BIG Brother wannabe was kicked out of the TV house yesterday for repeatedly exposing himself to another contestant.

Viewers last night saw Aaron Frew, 24, being warned about his behaviour around Tory councillor Joel Williams, 19, who he admitted having a crush on.

But a source revealed: “In the early hours of Thursday he got a bit carried away with flirting with and winding up Joel.

“He was flashing him and it went on for a little bit. It seemed inappropriate so the decision was made to remove him.

“Joel seemed a little uncomfortable but he didn’t make a complaint.

“We decided boundaries had been crossed.” ...

Good stuff, Aaron, I consider this a little victory in the queer class war and for #TeamGay in general.

And good on the Mail Online who were so APPALLED! by all this they've published loads of pics and clips and an incredibly detailed description...

The group then decided to play a game of Truth Or Dare, which appeared to focus on who each of the housemates found attractive.

When it was Jack's turn, he was dared to kiss Aaron on his buttocks, after Chloe deemed the initial challenge of kissing him on the cheek 'boring'.

Once the bottle spun in Joel's direction, he was dared to kiss Aaron on the lips, but quipped, 'I'd rather kiss Aaron on the bottom,' as his housemates chanted to egg him on.

After the dare proved unsuccessful, things appeared to calm down between the two and, after enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, Aaron was seen sharing a bath with Joel.

Following a conversation about Joel's social life, Aaron assured his housemate that his sexually-charged overtures were 'pure banter', which Joel acknowledged.

However, once they got into the bedroom with their other housemates at the end of the night, things were turned up a notch, when Aaron lowered his blue towel and flashed his buttocks at Aaron...

Fagburn imagines Patrick Smugtwit is hurriedly writing 400 angry words saying this was worse than rape; 'Imagine if he did that to a woman!' etc etc.

Aaron's got a lovely little bumbum, I wish he'd flash it at me.


  1. This is just an excuse for your to reprint FILTH.

    1. I'm in training for a job with Mail Online.