Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cartoon Time: Sunday School People.

Green leader Natalie Bennett has extended the LGBT section of their website to LGBTIQ. Sounds like a Countdown Conundrum to me.

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. IQ adds Intersex and Queer. Any more letters and Nat will have the entire alphabet.

The attitude to sexuality, as with religion, should be more than just toleration. I would go further. Don’t tolerate mere tolerance.

Tolerating something implies grudging acceptance - not approval. It’s condescending.

In 21st Century Britain freedom should be the watchword. The freedom to practise a chosen religion or the sexuality of choice without hindrance.

Everyone has the right to self-identify, but the language used sometimes seems a closed book to the rest of us.

Queers may hope to rebrand this word as an inoffensive umbrella term - but when I was young it was one of abuse.

I don’t tick any minority boxes as a middle-aged, middle class, heterosexual white man so I could no more bring myself to say what sounds offensive than call black people the N word...

A piece so glib, patronising and wanky it sounds like a Sunday School lesson.

Included mainly though for their baffling choice of this artless cartoon.


PS From Friday's Mirror; 'Police need gay lingo [sic] lessons to prevent another life being ruined by child porn charges'. Most odd - the article doesn't seem to explain what actually happened.

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