Saturday, 23 May 2015

Eurovision 2: Pavlov's Gays Say Boo!

Peter Brookes in The Times.
After a year in which Russia continued to be fiercely condemned for annexing the Crimea and its separatists' seizure of eastern Ukraine, the country remains a pariah through most of Europe.

Now, amid fears Russia's Eurovision singer Polina Gagarina will bear the brunt of the ill-will, contest organisers have installed drastic 'anti-booing' technology for the final in Vienna.

Special sound reducers have been installed in a bid to stop the acrimony towards Russia being broadcast - an issue that was last year labelled 'embarrassing' by organisers...

The organisers' intervention also comes after Russia's anti-gay laws continue to be condemned by the international community, while Vienna - this year's host city - has installed gay-themed traffic lights...

Fagburn looks forward to the deafening boos from the audience which will almost certainly greet the representative of the country with by far the worst human rights record, the apartheid state of Israel

Many have asked why Australia is entered this year, though it's only a silly gimmick for the contest's 60th anniversary.

Israel - which is also rather obviously not in Europe - has taken part since 1973, but what can this be but Pinkwashing?

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