Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Gay Dad Watch: Ricky Martin

AS the most eligible gay bachelor in the world, it’s an understatement to say Latin superstar RICKY MARTIN has no shortage of potential partners.

After splitting from long-term boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella, the flirtatious singer reveals he’s back on the market and actively looking for a new man.

Unexpectedly putting his hand on my knee and staring directly into my eyes, the passionate Puerto Rican, who has sold 85million records, says softly: “I am single now after seven years. I meet people. I’m fine. I meet very handsome men. I like to have a conversation, looking into someone’s eyes and finding out their sense of humour.”

Then, as if it’s not awkward enough, he adds, seemingly referring to my not-so-perfect physique: “I’m not saying you have to be an Adonis, but you have to connect.”

As if to add to my discomfort, he takes off the scarf covering his pecs, saying: “It’s starting to get hot.” ...

Oh, and Ricky actually said he can't bring a different man back home every night.

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