Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ireland: Their Sunday Papers

Via Tom Hayes. x

Fagburn doesn't think a question of equal rights should have gone to a referendum, but loves the way this says to homophobes... OI! YOU'VE LOST! GAME OVER!!

PS Here's The Irish Sun's hilariously crap 'marriage referendum party playlist', includes Born This Way, Gay Bar, I'm Coming Out, and err, Snow Patrol!


  1. Good! One step nearer it not being an issue.

  2. Really? Once the religious nutters have calmed down over this, and the social justice warriors have moved onto next thing, you will find-and it amazes me that you do not know this already- that the biggest losers in all of this will be gay men themselves. It is all very good saying that this is a matter of equality, but it is naive to to think anything other than gay men will now be expected to tow the line and accept heterosexual norms of behavior such as monogamy (now, when does any man -gay or straight-value this as much as a woman?) and get married.