Tuesday, 12 May 2015


The Daily Star's proof for this ISIS gay wing?

Someone claims to have seen a text message between two (2) men which they interpreted as 'intimate and homosexual' [Actually, just beyond “strong heterosexual bonding” - see below].


The story's pilfered then garbled - as per - from The Times; Shunned gay Muslim men ‘are being driven into arms of Isis’

Though their small print fesses up and states;

Sources said that they had not seen a “broad theme” of gay relationships in extremist circles, however. MI5 employs psychological profilers and sources said it was “not clear that sexuality has a role to play in radicalisation”.

PS The ever baffling, ever shit, and ever thick Gay Star News managed to get from this to Young gay Muslims being forced to fight for ISIS! I give up!!

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