Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rainbow Crap Watch: Cab It Up

TfL (Transport For London) and Unctuous, some twats in advertising, have today sent out a gay-friendly press release, Gay Star Pink News can exclusively reveal - along with all other gay media who just cut-and-paste press releases.

The press release - believed to be a first - concerns a taxi having a fucking rainbow painted on it.

That's right, someone's put a fucking rainbow on a fucking taxi!

A gay person in London commented; 'So what? Do they think we're that thick? I feel nothing but patronised by this, and would rather get a bus.'

Thankfully, we at GSPN get sent lots of overpriced underpants as freebies, as well as press releases, cause we've all just ejaculated with excitement.

PS This is an actual poll on Pink News!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is crass. It has all the hallmarks of ITV Breakfast. I feel physically sick. Had that Paul Tatchell in the back of my cab once mate. What a tosser!