Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Jeremy Kyle Show: Brotherly Love

THE JEREMY Kyle Show is 10 today. Happy Birthday the Jeremy Kyle Show! To celebrate, Jezza looked back at his favourite shows ever.

Some people would have celebrated with cake but not our Jezza.

Let's start with the case that Jeremy described as his most shocking EVER. That's quite a claim, we've seen some incredible scenes play out on 'Kyle.

But it turns out Jezza was right, this was the most shocking case we've seen on the show.

Lee and Paul met on the internet and felt a connection. When they met in person they felt a strong attraction and began physical relations before they began to suspect they were actually relations.

That's right.

Paul had been adopted at 18-months-old and when Lee introduced his new boyfriend to his family they noticed the striking resemblance between Paul and Ron, Lee's mum's ex-husband.

The two men stopped having a sexual relationship as soon as they began to think they might be half-brothers.

They came on the show for a DNA test to see if they were related.

The DNA test showed that they were half-brothers...


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