Monday, 15 June 2015

BuzzFeed: LGBT Myths Debunked

1. Myth: LGBT People Are More Promiscuous.

Sex surveys are notoriously unreliable, but telling us one (by an online dating site!) says that about 98% of both straight and gay people reported having less than 20 sexual partners tells us nothing. Moreover, what's wrong with shagging a lot of people anyway?

2. Myth: Lesbians Are Repulsed By All Men.

'All men'? 'Repulsed'!!! Does anyone actually believe this?

3. Myth: Children Of LGBT Parents Are More Likely To Be LGBT.

'According to multiple studies...' Which? And doesn't this work on the assumption that a kid growing up gay is a bad thing?

4. Myth: LGBT People Can't Be Religious.


5. Myth: Being LGBT Is A Choice.

'Studies have found...' Which? Again, fail. No matter what they may say, nobody knows what makes people gay. And what does 'genes & your biology' mean? What's the difference?

6. Myth: LGBT Relationships Don't Last As Long As Heterosexual Relationships.

'Fact: There is no data that shows relationships don't last as long. In fact one study showed that same-sex couples have a lower divorce rate.'

The third unspecified study in a row. And what can gay 'divorce rates' tell us when same-sex marriage has only been available in some US states for a few years? Why not accept that most gay male relationships last a few years?

Which one surprised you?


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