Tuesday, 2 June 2015

EastEnders: Eastbenders More Like

A bloke has snogged another bloke on the hit BBC soap opera.

Someone went on Twitter and said they didn't like it.

Here endeth today's important news.

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  1. Ahhhh yes, the character Ben. Lover of musicals, not 'ard like his father, found that dreaming of men was making him hard, (but sadly still not 'ard). So he came out and in a development that may or may not have been a coincidence murdered his stepmother's best friend by hitting her with an ornament like a big gay would. He returns with a new face and like thousands of young gays everywhere announces he's now straight and settles down to living with his girlfriend. But you can't trust those gays you know... First gay face that wanders by and Ben's kissing it...

    The BBC. Bringing to life gay characters that bear no resemblance to anyone gay, now or ever. Thank goodness no gay man on the BBC ever shows any sign of actually having a penis, or what would the homophobes do then...