Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lady Gaga: Useful Idiot

Lady Gaga got some breathless media praise for singing Imagine at the opening ceremony of the European Games in Azerbaijan.

Weird how that praise only started getting published on June 16th though, given that the opening ceremony actually took place on the 12th.

And doubly weird how all the showbiz news outlets had exactly the same reaction. Hers was a "stunning version", which would "give you chills".

MTV - "Stunning... chills"
Mashable - "Stunning"
Buzzfeed - "Chills"
News Cult "Stunning"
Zimbio - "Stunning"
Eonline - "Chill-inducing"

You'd almost think PRs for Gaga and Azerbaijan were so keen for people to gloss over the human rights issues being raised by the games that they sent out a press release to people they knew would just rehash their words without any question or comment, wouldn't you?


PS Tony Blair Azerbaijan PR guy.

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