Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Magic Mike XXL: 'A Shrine To Channing Tatum'

The bonds between the male performers give it the soap-operatic feel of an XY-chromosome Steel Magnolias. As such, it may be either the gayest straight film ever made, or the straightest gay one. And it doesn't care either way. When the team – now simply dubbed 'Resurrection' – get on stage to strut their stuff, they do so with equal, backslapping oomph whether it’s a drag-revue bar, where they’re queening it up with Carmen Miranda-style fruit hats, or in the nominally hetero context of the all-clapping, all-screaming, all-female finale. The name of the game, the gold somewhere over their rainbow, is a “tsunami of dollar bills”...

Tim Robey gets a bit hot and bothered reviewing Magic Mike XXL for the Daily Telegraph.

Somewhat unusually, our Tim begins by reviewing the 'teaser trailer', which he seemed rather taken with, watch it here.

PS Here's Magic Mike - The Honest Trailer for the LOLZ!

Und! Here's the great J Bryan Lowder on the fillum's 'perfectly sculpted gay pandering'.

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