Monday, 15 June 2015

Nick Grimshaw: Good Question

'Known by his nickname 'Grim'...'

PS He's got the X Factor gig - another reason not to watch it.

She's living the dream!

Update: During said broadcast, former Radio 1 breakfast-show host Evans anoints current Radio 1 breakfast-show host, Nick Grimshaw, as his successor in any permanent revival of the show. The following Monday, Evans is announced as the permanent host of Top Gear after all, the residual goodwill towards TFI apparently paving the way for a Grimshaw-led revival, almost as if the whole thing had been planned all along. Later that week, Grimshaw is announced as the new Louis Walsh on The X Factor, the first time an openly gay man has held the position of Louis Walsh on The X Factor, making Grimshaw’s cultural hegemony almost complete.

Naughty Dan Martin in The Guardian online.


  1. "another reason not to watch it"

    I thought you liked Grimmy??

    1. Not really. He's annoying and fugly and hangs out with the Geldof devil spawn.