Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pride In London: Is This Man A Prat?

Pride in London Chair Michael Salter has explained why the board decided to turn down UKIP’s request to march.

Speaking to London Live, Mr Salter said the decision had been “difficult” because “Pride is an inclusive event, and all of us on the board also believe in free speech.”

Pride in London said earlier this month that they would not be allowing UKIP to march, saying “This decision has been made after careful consultation in order to protect participants and ensure the event passes off safely and in the right spirit, it has not been made on a political basis.”

Mr Salter went on: “We have a paramount duty to the protection and welfare of our volunteers.

“Pride cannot take place unless we have 6 to 700 volunteers who are happy to turn up, who feel capable in the roles that they’ve been trained to do. If the stewards are a little bit nervous about the reaction to any group in the parade and they start not turning up then it actually puts into jeopardy the bigger picture of Pride itself.”

“Personally I found it very difficult at times in this process to see the level of outrage, anger and hypocrisy in part from members of the LGBT community.

"But when you’ve got people who are threatening to do sit in and disrupt the parade, to turn up with all sorts of unmentionable revolting things to chuck at another group, people ho are threatening intimidation and violence – I don’t look at this and think, “well what’s going to happen to the UKIP group”...


Michael Salter is a senior adviser to David Cameron,

Fagburn believes all Tories should be banned from Pride.


  1. They can't even spell hypocrisy

  2. All Tories should be banned from just about everything. We old gifts who marched in Pride in the early 1970's find the whole notion of a Pride parade sponsored by Barclay's utterly beyond belief. And, accordingly, unattendable. Fuck the whole sorry lot of them.

    1. Well said Stephen. I went on my first march in 1979. There were no "sponsors" then. Triple Starbucks all round girls.