Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pride: Masked Balls

Textbook stuff from The Observer's photogallery on the straight media's visual cliches when 'representing' pride events.

The above is ideal for the online front page - or the print edition; because most importantly the participant (or 'reveller'!) should ideally be disguised. Though assuming someone on the parade might not be out is a just little bit out-dated, and rather goes against the whole point of gay pride.

A man in drag is usually the go-to gay for this - and they're so funny and colourful and fabulous, aren't they? Well, I guess they are to some straight people, though to most gay men they just make you think of being stuck in a really naff bar on a Tuesday night.

Anyway, this glittery bloke wearing a SODDING RAINBOW MASK is a double-whammy!

There's lots of drag, concealed faces and rainbows in the Telegraph's gallery, though I tip my pink cowboy hat to the picture editor who slipped this one in.

PS Oops! Most British newspapers used the same set of photos as both the above did from Getty Images - here's Mail Online. And The Independent. The Mirror. The Sun. Oh, and BBC News and Channel 4 News.

They all loved this one - make of this what thou will.

There are a few other things in the Sunday papers about Pride and gaymarriage etc, but I'm all fagged out to be honest. x

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